Motivating your staff to make retail sales

staff motivation

‘Stylists are not the salesperson!’ The ageless comment that every salon owner has either witnessed, muttered to others, and most of the time, come to acknowledge. So, what’s the actual difference between a hair stylist and a salesperson? The truth is there is a little salesperson in each of us. And because every person is unique, you need to carry out some practices in your salon to bring out sales person in each of them. Here’s how to do it:

Knowledge is power:

Mostly every team has some product representatives that they use to their advantage as much as possible for continued education. You might also have some those kinds of persons in your team who represent salon’s products. Incorporate them in staff meetings, and employ them to guide your staff to express brilliantly about the goods created. You will be amazed how much more your stylists are talking about products when they have made a relationship with the product reps and feel self-assured in what they are representing.

The emotional win:

Competitiveness is in our nature and nobody wants to come last. However, there are various ways to use this aspect as encouragement factor for your salon staff. We can all admit that everyone is motivated by money, but we can’t disregard that to some, social recognition of their work is much more rewarding. Try to create as much of a buzz as possible in the salon with your retail competition. Bring more creative juices into how you socially identify the winner instead of how you pay them.

Sale today, client forever:

Business stats have shown that a client who walks off with a product is three times more probably to turn back than someone who doesn’t. Advice your salon staff to realise the reasonable value and hidden profits that retail clients have. Repeat deals and strong relationships lead to more standards and more sales calls. As their determination and conversation skills develop, this mechanism will gain more momentum.

Conclusively, you want to develop a status that induces each stylist to perceive that they are helping their clients, rather than trying to extort them. Stay diligent to motivating, empowering and educating your team and you’ll likely to put an end to those tension-filled ‘sales’ conversations. You may also find yourself making retail orders much more frequently.

Happy selling!