The perks and pitfalls of opening a new salon

New Salon

In this world, we all have some dreams in our lives that we build from our childhood and then make efforts to fulfil them. Just like everyone I also own a dream from my school days to open my own salon and what feels like forever. I’ve always found enthusiasm in the energy of salon and feel inspired me to create my own, happy, lively and vibrant space that I’ve always dreamed of.

To make my dream come true, I started working at the salon after completing my college and worked hard for many years to closely observe first-hand what works and what doesn’t and where the favourable circumstances for success lie. I think it’s about the time I practice what I preach and give it a red hot go!

My purpose is to develop a warm and welcoming environment that people really respond to. I want my salon to be a fun and lively place for our team and of course for our clients too.

Now the time has come as I create myself pretty much competent and skilled to open my own salon. Over the past few days, I’ve been setting up entire things from recruiting to rebranding and formulating to roll out our new marketing plan. There are a lot of things which needs to figure out before the salon begins to really come to life.

The greatest things that I’ve learnt from my past journey is that you can’t let being a perfectionist slow you down. Of course concentration to details is really valuable, but sometimes you have to know when to let things be. Not everything needs immediate attention.

With things affecting at such a lightning-fast pace, being smart to prioritise and not hassle over every last detail is what’s keeping me balanced. It’s also the maintaining the cash flowing in, which is decisive in these very beginning stages of framing the salon.

You can’t wait until everything is flawless, otherwise you will never get anywhere!

Over the next month or two, I will be rebranding the salon, rising up a marketing campaign, organising a launch party with a variation, all while trying to endure with the New Year blitz.