7 Powerful Tactics to Build Salon Clientele

7 Powerful Tactics to Build Salon Clientele

26-05-2020 10:09 PM

7 Powerful Tactics to Build Salon Clientele

Building clientele is not an easy task which can be achieved in a few days. A lot of efforts, tools, right planning, smooth implementation, and constant analysis is required to figure out the best method that can be used to build your clientele. Tools such as website, salon software, app, social media pages, marketing tools, and campaigns, etc. are required for efficient and desired results. Without any further time, let us get straight to the topic and discover the powerful tactics that can be used to build salon clientele.

How to Increase Salon Clientele Easily and Effectively
If you want to build your salon clientele easily and effectively, then follow these powerful tactics mentioned in this article. Make sure to follow these below-mentioned tips to have attract more clients to your salon:

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is an effective type of marketing and is one of the most popular types of advertisement. Therefore, you must also go for it. Always keep an eye on all the platforms that can help you in promoting your brand without any difficultly. You never know from which platform clients will come to your salon. The majority of the clients do not change their salon frequently. Therefore it becomes tough to attract and retain clients. However, social media can help you do both things easily.
For this, ensure that you use your social media page actively. All the information provided on social media must be accurate. Make sure, you enter your salon name, address, website URL, the link of 
salon management software, and other similar as well as necessary information on the social media pages as it will help Google in identifying your business as well as suggesting it to people. It improves the authenticity of your salon and this works in your favor. Therefore, ensure to add all accurate information on these social media platforms.
Other than adding accurate and reliable information, you need to stay active on social media as it will help in building your clientele. Not only will staying active generate traffic on social media but will also bring this traffic to your website and salon management software. Keep posting innovative, creative, and informative content on your social media. Don’t use it solely for promotion. Other than this, also share happy client stories and transformation pictures of clients to showcase your work. In this manner, use social media for your benefit and help clients with the same. Make sure to share the links of social media posts on other platforms, websites and salon management software. In this manner, effectively use social media to build salon clientele.

Salon Management Software
Salon Software is a technical solution that can be used for building your clientele. How will software help in elevating the number of clients? Well, for starters a software solution will make your work easier, save time, save efforts, and other things. This saved time and effort can be used on coming up with other strategies to build clientele. Moreover, such software comes with built-in tools for marketing and client retention. Using these tools, you can attract clients as well as retain them.
Salon management software will not only help in attracting clients but will also help in a number of other things such as management of clients, employees, stock, billing, POS, online appointment booking, etc. All of these in total will help you achieve your task and build a good reputation for yourself. Use the marketing tools to attract clients. Your salon software should have marketing tools such as automatic service reminders, packages, coupons, bulk SMS and Emails, etc. using these tools excel in your business and elevate the number of clients reaching your salon.

Utilize Printed Media
Next in the list is printed media. Printed media always works and is one of the best methods to attract local clients to your salon. It does not matter if you have just commenced your salon or it’s been years, this media can be used to let me know about your salon and even on festivals or occasions where you offer special deals to your clients.
Printed media is popular for advertisement and improving the brand’s visibility. You can get some flyers, pamphlets, banners, flex boards, etc. printed for your salon. Distribute these flyers and pamphlets in your locality. Also, hang banner and signboards at a place where people can see and are likely to contact you. You can also distribute small booklets to people so that they can get to learn more about you.
All these tasks will help create awareness about your salon. Don’t forget that you need to provide accurate information about your salon, address, services along with their prices and contact details. Give all types of contact details such as mobile number, website URL, salon management software link, social media handles, etc. in this way, people can contact you from different platforms as per their convenience. This is another great formula to build your clientele.

Build Strong Presence Online
Strong online presence is important for ding business especially in the current era of technology-savvy generation. As people are more prone to simply rush to the internet for getting answers to all questions, it has become extremely significant to make ideal use of the current resources. You need to come up with a salon website that will help people know about your salon, vision, mission, client stories, etc.
A website is a great way to showcase your talent and to bring the traffic to your salon. Therefore, you must not have second thoughts about it. Just hire a website developer and start with the work. If you have enough knowledge, then you can create a website for yourself and get your work done. But just creating a
website is not enough. You need to bring it to Google’s first page on top. How can you do that? For this, you can hire an SEO and get your website ranked.
There are a number of methods that you can use to gain organic traffic. You can search for it and use the organic traffic to keep your website on top. Add a services and portfolio page. The services page can provide in detail description of all the services provided by you. On the portfolio page, upload the pictures of your previous work, projects, etc. add happy client stories, positive feedback of the clients. People can see your work and decide whether they want to take your services or not. In this manner, people can easily discover your salon easily which will help you in turn to build your clientele.

Collaborate with Other Businesses
This is another great method to promote your salon in order to attract clients. For this, you can collaborate with other businesses. But before you start getting any ideas let us make it clear that you must collaborate with salons or other businesses that are reputed and have a strong client base. The main motive of this collaboration to get new clients thus, if you join hands with a firm that has just opened or not that reputed, then this idea can backfire and will provide you with desired results.
Choose a good brand that will help you get clients that are loyal and try your best to make them stay. You can join hands with some recognized and well-established beauty brands such as Lakme, L’Oreal, etc. or simply collaborate with other salons that are well-reputed or popular in your area. Make sure that this collaboration opens doors to both of you as it will be beneficial and the opposite party will not be able to deny the offer.
Take pictures of your alliance and share it on your social media, website, salon management software, etc. Let your clients know about this so that they participate enthusiastically. Market such collaborations and make sure to use the right strategy with a smooth implementation. This will help you in building your salon clientele.

Sponsor Events
Sponsoring events is a great method to promote your brand or showcase your talent in front of a colossal audience. You don’t have to worry about gathering the crowd or anything else, just focus on how to promote your brand or make people aware of your services. This depends on how you are going to promote. There are few options to handle or participate in such beauty contests or events.
You can sponsor the whole event, put banner about your salon and event being organized, and also judge the event. Other than this, you can do the make-up of all the participants and use them as your models to showcase your talent and high quality service. Provide discount or package voucher to the winners and runner ups, etc. These are some of the most effective ideas to promote your brand in such events. Events such as beauty pageants, fashion show, miss [city or state name] events, etc.
This will not only be a fun adventure but also attract a number of opportunities for your business to flourish. Lastly, do not forget to share pictures on social media, websites, and salon management software. Let your viewers see what all events you come up with or engage with. It will be another way to build your clientele.

Tie-Up with Institutions
Lastly, is this great method which is a tie-up with institutions. This is not a bad idea and will build your clientele. Now, it depends on you as to which institutes you will like to join hands with. Most probable ones are the institutes that offer certification and diplomas in cosmetology, make-up artists, hairstylist, etc. all the academies and institutes that offer such programs are a great place to start.
You can provide internship to these students as it will also help you in getting a helping hand for running the salon and ensuring a smooth workflow. Other than this, you can also sponsor events of that academy such as fashion shows or other beauty contests, make-up competitions, etc. that are held. You will get a good exposure to the new talent and you can give them a chance. Furthermore, you can showcase your talent there and attract more clients.

These are some of the great tips that will help you in building your salon clientele. One thing to keep in consideration is that all these things will take time to show results. In the meantime, you have to be patient and wait for it. Use the right strategy to attract clients, go through your plan several times, build alternative and support plans, and make sure to implement them well. Do not forget to use all the available resources in your favor such as printed media, website, salon management software, salon app, etc. By following these steps accurately, you will achieve your goal in no time.

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