8 Tips on How to Motivate Your Salon Staff

8 Tips on How to Motivate Your Salon Staff

26-05-2020 02:55 PM

8 Tips on How to Motivate Your Salon Staff

Employee motivation has always been a difficult part for employers and businesses. There are several methods that can be used to manage employees such as indulge them in decision making, provide them with lucrative packages, track their performance through salon management software, give feedback, etc. Similar to these there are other ideas that are provided in this article. So, make sure to read it till the end and find out all the tips on how to motivate your salon staff.

Salons can be quite crowded at the time of the seasons and at the same time, even employees want to celebrate and need holidays. How to tackle such situations? To handle this, you can allow them to exchange holidays such as in exchange for work, they can get off on some other day or you can pay them extra to work on festivals, etc. it depends on you and your budget, how well you can handle them. This is just a small example to tackle such situations. Let us find out more about how to ignite motivation in salon staff.

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Salon Employees
Often employees lose motivation to work hard. In this situation, they just work for the sake of working without giving in their passion and interest. How to ignite that motivation? Let us find out. Read these below mentioned tips and use them to motivate your employees.

Keep an Open Door Policy
Keeping an Open door policy means to let the employees speak up to a member of authority if they want to talk about something or someone. Often times, communication becomes a huge barrier between the employees and manager or owner. To tackle this, you can create an open door policy where the employees can talk to the concerned person if they feel something or someone is doing wrong or simply talk about something they want.
You can allocate a person or an HR manager or simply yourself (the owner). Use
salon management software to let the employees make an appointment, if they want to talk to you and get to know their problem and provide them solutions accordingly. This will encourage them that they are being heard and their problems are being dealt with.

Give Breaks or Organize Recreational Activities
Always working, working, and working is quite boring and also not a very good way of retaining employees. Provide a reason for the employees to stay. Offer them some recreational activities or take them on trips, organize parties, give them breaks, etc. All of these methods are effective and important to retain employees.
The majority of the employees seek such get-together or parties or trips. Hence, provide these to them as per your salon schedule. You can also do this in batches so that when one batch is having a trip, the other is there to manage the salon. This way, you can complete both your tasks.

Allow them to Come with Ideas
This is a small idea but can give a huge boost of confidence and motivation to your employees. If you are planning something such as a new service or a better idea to attract clients, then you can ask your employees to come up with new and fresh ideas. You will be surprised by the methods they come up with. Reward the person with the best idea as it will motivate him or her and also the others.

Provide a Culture for them to Grow
Instead of just focusing on employees to keep on working for you, provide a good culture for them to grow. In this environment, look after them and treat them as your family. Try to be a good leader and motivate them, help to grow in your salon instead of just gaining experience years. Think out of the box and accomplish this task. It will help you motivate employees and will also make them stay in your salon.

Provide Lucrative Packages
You need to offer them the right salary. Don’t exploit the employees. Offering a good package does not mean to go blind and give away a lot of salary or go blind and give a salary much less than the person deserves. Give the employees exactly what they deserve.
Decide on the basis of various criteria while setting their salaries such as education, experience, previous work projects, solo projects, etc. In this manner, give what you can afford thereby considering what the employee deserves. In this manner, they will be motivated.

Track and Progress the Employee’s Performance
Use salon management software for this, you need to give your employees a record of their performance. If you use salon software, then it will be easier for you to manage your employees and record their performance. Also, you can compare the performance of employees with their previous tasks, accomplishments, and tasks and look at the progress they have made so far.
Reward the employees that have outshined and also give some motivational awards to employees in whom you see potential to perform well. This will motivate them and will make them work harder for accomplishing the common business objectives thereby growing themselves in the salon and their career. Share the pictures of these reward ceremonies on your website, social media, and
salon software.

Give and Take Feedback

Giving feedback as well as taking feedback both are equally important. First you can give feedback to the employees regarding their performance, your expectations, etc. if the employee is not performing well, then ask them what is wrong and motivate them or try to be a good listener. Lend them a helping hand if needed. This will motivate them as they will see that their boss is concerned about his or her team.
Once this is done, ask them what are the areas that the salon needs to work on? Ask for suggestions or opinions or ideas to make salon better. Tell them to be honest and don’t say things to simply flatter you. Otherwise, you can them to fill questionnaires anonymously so that they can be honest about it.

Use Salon Management Software
Lastly is the use of salon management software. Using technology to do business operations is a very effective idea and will also provide better control over the business. Using a salon software solution will help you to manage clients, employees, inventory, billing, POS, online appointment booking, and many more.
You can calculate the salaries of employees, allow them to book an appointment in your absence, provide them an online schedule so that they can do their work without getting interrupted. In this manner, this will not only help you in employee management and motivation but also help in managing a variety of other business tasks.

These are some of the powerful and effective tips to manage your employees and motivate them. Salon software will help you organize the work of employees in a more efficient manner and have greater control over them. Therefore, ensure to use these tips and implement them in an efficient manner for deriving maximum results.

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