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Top 5 marketing trick that will work in 2019 for your salon

Did you ever feel marketing is all about efforts but without reward? Spending a lot of time on dreaming up a perfect promo of your salon to flat your customers on just one look are like oldish ideas now. But you don’t fall dashed your hopes of good marketing as we got some easy and quick wins that will improve your results in no time at all!

Create consistency

The first and basic thumb rule of marketing is that there should be consistency in all your marketing plans and strategies which you are going to be executed. You should proudly present your salon across many different channels as much as you can for who you are and what you stand for. The words and images that you used for the promotion of your salon need to be consistent to strengthen your brand and gets your message out. As much as your messages would be consistent, the more likely they are to become familiar with your salon’s brand and more likely they are to engage with you.

Be social

Social media can be a perfect supporter for you when it comes to the matter of promotion of your salon. You must have a strong presence on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. It is a splendid way to spread out your amazing work and build a social image of your beauty salon over there. If you don’t already have a strong presence on social media Instagram, Facebook or both then what are you waiting for!

Share feedback

It is very much important to tell your clients how amazing work your team has been done till the date. You might have no idea about just how easy it can be to gather instant feedback from your clients and sharing your best feedback reviews online for your salon business. You can make it more easy and simple by making clients feedback process completely automatic with the use of Spotlight tool. You may go one step further by including quotes and testimonials to your website for better results.

Measure Everything

Instead of just getting your marketing task finished and waiting for the results, why don’t you take consideration from marketing experts regarding what can be more beneficial and how it can add value to your salon business. Most of the digital marketing forms make this relatively straightforward like facebook where you can have direct results.

Encourage Action

This one is looking very easy but it will change all your marketing campaign for your salon business. At one time you have your client’s attention whether through the brochure, email or social media, on the second time you have to give your client a gentle punch in the direction that what should be done next. For instance, you can add “book now” option to your email campaign, or “call us to make your next appointment” message on facebook posts, or “visit our website” link on your Instagram profile. A little bit effort to action goes a long way!

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