Offline Vs Online Salon Management Software

Offline Vs Online Salon Management Software

13-04-2020 04:26 PM

Online Vs Offline Salon Software

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In past few days, I have been asked by many salon owners that why we are not providing the offline software solution. We understand the fact that in India, you can not rely on the internet all the time. That's why today I have decided to write this article that why you should go for online software rather than an offline salon software.

Learn from the past and update yourself

We have to accept that scenario of Internet is changing in India and we are getting high-speed Internet in every corner of India. Also if we take examples of big companies like Nokia or Blackberry you all have to agree with me that these companies didn't change the fashion of their working and haven't updated their technologies and ultimately they were kicked out of the market by end users. Today world is digital, so make your salon management go online with easy salon software and give your clients all new tech experiences. It is always better to update yourself in order to cope with the changes taking place in the technical world.

Give real-time appointment booking access to your clients.

Nowadays clients are smarter and have less time. Everyone wants to have easy access, now let them book their appointments via phone and have access to your appointment calendar so that they can book the appointment as per their convenience. Also, it makes your appointments management more effective as software keeps check on every single minute and time gap in serving one client and then another.

Avoid conflicts with your clients, staffs and business partners

When your client books appointment they are confirmed with an SMS with the exact time and even your beautician/employee is updated that he/she has to serve this client at this time. Easy salon spa software makes everything so transparent and managed. Also, spot ware gives you real insights and reports so that you don't fall into any conflict with your business partner.

Control malpractices & client data theft

Offline solutions don't keep the effective check on malpractices or billing. While using online software solution your client is updated with SMS and email while they are in your salon itself after billing, even salon owners get updated day collection and client visit reports in real time.
The online solution lets you manage your business remotely and also prevent data theft as employee login can not export data from all clients or see collection report of a month or a year. Only admin login can export data or see reports of a particular time period. This helps you maintain privacy, confidentiality and authenticity of your data.

Get rid “Data loss” due to computer breakdown or virus

Just imagine you have been using offline software from 2 years and suddenly your computer breakdown! You won't be able to access data or you might even lose your data if you didn't have the backup.
But in online software! No matter what happens you won't loose your data, you won't have downtime. Online salon software can be accessed from anywhere from any number of devices with a secured URL, username and password.
We at 13Dsesignstreet understand your concern about data security and we are in the continuous practice of serving businesses from past 4 years and we keep your security on top priority.

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