Quick points to make event at salon A Success!

Quick points to make event at salon A Success!

13-04-2020 04:09 PM

How to make your salon event successful

Festival season is the most amazing part of the year. It presents a perfect moment for salons to host events. Whether it’s a Christmas Bash or New Year’s Eve celebration, this is the perfect time to through a party! There’s no better plan to reward your most loyal clients, and fascinate a few new ones along the way.
Events are not new in our industry, but running them great is not that easy. Sometimes it becomes more of a pain than pleasure. So what should be done to hold a successful salon event to bring excellent results? No need to worry, we got some valuable tips for you to plan a successful event for your salon.

Choose a theme

To organise a remarkable event for your salon, you need to choose a theme for it. One of the best events of the industry has come up with a unique theme. Transform your salon into a 1920 speakeasy, a winter wonderland, or you can lock a more general concept like a girls’ night out.
Now start with what you know about your clients to imagine a beautiful theme for your event. Think about the points relevant to your clients that will inspire them to come along to your event. Further, look at the points that will suitable for your theme and ask your team to work on that to sell more.

Lock down the details

Now you have decided the theme, the next thing to do is to plan out all the aspects of your event. Firstly decide your budget that up to what level you are going to spend and what should be the return on it. Secondly, list out all the things that will be required to organise your event successfully. This may include catering, music, additional furniture, decorations and AV equipment etc. You may also add activities for the night like speeches, raffle, lucky door prize and much more.

Team up with businesses in your area

Sometimes when you are organising an event, you may feel that you are running out of your budget but you need an item for your event. But don’t worry as you still have options. The best way to solve this problem is to partner with local business. Ask a restaurant which is nearby to your salon to cater your event for some promotional activity, or you may ask coffee shops or liquor stores, or local fashion boutiques to donate a door prize.

Get the word out

Try to reach out to your guest list in number of ways to get the right crowd to your event. Without going over budget you can send Emails or SMS to your clients to get the word out.

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