Importance of managing beauty products stock of your salon & spa

What could be the most fun part of running your salon business...let me guess....I think it’s keeping the record of how much product you have in stock...isn’t it? Just imagine when you kneel down and count each and every product on the shelf even if you are a most diligent business owner, what can be more enjoyable than that? When you start taking time on managing the stock properly, then you can feel its positive effects on your entire business. It will make everything easy and smooth, and will help you to ensure your profits and cash-flows aren’t tied up in the stock on your shelf.

It keeps your client happy

Ever had an incident that your client is walking out of the door of the salon but without buying her favourite conditioner just because you discover later that it’s non left on your shelf? It might happen again and again. You need to be very precise when it comes to ordering the right quantities. You must know exactly that how much product you’ve sold and how much you have in stock or used in past so that it can be easy to calculate that how much you should purchase now. It will help you to retain your clients back and feel them happy.

It helps you run profitable promos

If you are thinking of doing promotion of your salon’s product for this winter season, you may parcel up your products as a part of one promo pack as it makes easy to sell multiple products at one time which is an ideal way to hike your profits in the lead-up to this cold season. For instance, you could create a special winter loving package – including a nourishing cream, moisturizing cold cream and body butter – and if they don’t sell, unpack them in just few simple steps.

It will keep an eye on your staff

It may usually happen to you that your stock level seems lower than expected, for no possible reason. So you need to equipped with the right tools to know whether your hunch is correct, but proper stock management in your salon will help you in that. The built-in-stock tracking procedure is the foolproof way to keep record of how much product each member is using. There is no better course of action to prevent valuable stock going missing by ensuring they checkout each product as they use.

It makes stocktake a breeze

If you usually find yourself dreading the countdown to the end of the year because of the dreaded “S” word, the stock management will reverse your life! The stocktake wizard makes it effortless to complete your entire stocktake in just a few easy steps. You can also choose to break down your stocktake into more manageable chunks, either by brand or by section. The best part is that you won’t have to close your salon when you’re stocktaking, as stock management tracks how much you’re selling throughout the entire process.

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