Best salon & spa management software of India

Best salon & spa management software of India

13-04-2020 04:33 PM

13DesignStreet is a software Development Company developed in 2012. We have well-known products in Indian Market. We are the leading provider of software of Gyms and Salons. With over 400+ active business owners in our client list, our commitment does not end after sales. We make the commitment to award-winning support after sales. Our business management and technical team will be easily accessible to you over a phone in working business hours to provide any kind of support or training session required by you.

Easy Salon Software can be customized to fit your business needs whether you are running the individual salon or multiple properties or franchises.

Easy Salon Software is designed and developed in HTML5 technology to give you real time and speedy software which is easy to use, rich in features and provide you security for your confidential data.

From online appointment booking form on your website to mobile app helps your clients to book appointments online and check availability of slots. Easy salon & spa software gives you everything you need to make your business run smoothly and grow. Our software is very reliable and affordable as we don't need any special hardware, an Android tablet with an internet connection is enough to run our software. Due to this majority of the salon owners prefer our easy to use easy salon software.

Are you stuck with some expensive software or a salon software or spa software that is no longer addressing your business needs and you want to switch to Easy Salon Software? Our team will take care of it and upload of all your existing data. With this, after the installation of the software, you can easily continue to work as per your working needs and policies. 

Our technical and business development team has performed many conversions and testing processes to make Easy Salon Software make your management process easier.

Easy salon software is used by hundreds of salon & spa owners to browse their business. Our primary focus was not just to manage business rather we made our easy salon software with the idea that it can help you grow your business.

Easy Salon Software gives you a reliable and robust way to keep your salon or spa running smoothly and efficiently. Software makes your hands free from handling papers and managing things and enables you to do your best to make your business grow, also Easy Salon Software enhance your customer experience and helps you deliver services up to their expectations.

Easy Salon is a perfect tool to manage your salon or spa business and grow it, you can get your software customized to fit your business needs.

Easy Salon Software enables your client to do self-check-in via tablet at your reception. Self-check-in removes bottlenecks in appointments and billing. Also, it enhances your client experience as now your clients can pick their favorite services and read more about your services and team.

Easy Salon Software offers everything you need to manage your salon, spa and nail art studio.
Whether you are independent salon or having the national/international chain, Easy Salon software will help you manage every aspect of your business from billing, inventory management or managing your clients.

Easy Salon software helps you improve your services and client experience by asking for feedback via SMS after you generate the new invoice, we make it as simple as possible and quick for your clients to give you feedback.


In Easy Salon Software you get one-page calendar view for all appointments.


Easy Salon Software provides you easy yet standard billing for products and services.


Easy Salon Software comes with effective and organic marketing tools that will help you to surge your revenue.


Our software gives you exact insights into your most hard working employees, your most loved services, products and much more.


Identify your most profit giving clients because 80% of business comes from 20% of clients who are regular and love your services the most our software helps you identify that 20%.


Reward your regular clients with some special discounts or gift coupons. Running a social media campaign to promote discount coupons can boost up your social existence.


For successful business retaining clients plays an essential role, now retain your clients and keep them updated with the latest offers, wish them birthday and marriage anniversary.


Easy salon & spa software takes your salon business to the next level with all new easy to use and mobile friendly appointment booking form on your website, it is free and few clicks away.


Keep your staff and beauticians motivated and hungry with attractive commissions on sales of products or services. Manage your staff commission and keep it transparent with easy salon software.


Attract your clients with packages because everyone likes the idea " Pay less and get more". Also, packages are a great source of collecting revenue in advance.


Paying in advance shows a sense of trust. Live up to the expectations of your clients


Reduce malpractices by keeping track of your product/ inventory stock levels in a simple manner and save money.


Get benefited with real-time data, gain insight and make better decisions for growth


Collect real-time customer feedback with insights to improve your overall client experience and keep your business growing.

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Easy salon software is web-based software solution custom-made for salons, spas and nail art studios. Trusted by 400+ beauty industry tycoons in 7 countries and 150+ cities in India. Easy salon software is developed over the period of 3 years which makes it perfect for any scale of business. It gives you easy & quick billing, alerts for low stock inventory, automatically calculates commissions of service providers, lets you send bulk SMS to all your client in just a few clicks.