Free tips for best salon and spa website in India

Free tips for best salon and spa website in India

13-04-2020 04:34 PM

Salons are everywhere. If you’re planning to open one, it’s important to understand how you can differentiate yourself and attract clients. To help you out, we spoke with industry professionals to get their advice.


Mobile friendly is essential today

While mobile & tablets were once something only accessible to big businesses with even bigger marketing budgets, it’s now possible for small businesses like salons to create their own app without having to learn how to code. There are plenty of software and mobile app developer available. You can contact them and develop a mobile app which is specifically build for your salon. This app can help make it easier for your clients to access your services as well as provide their honest reviews for your services.

Less is more for salon websites

Use the smart word like these to boost traffic on your website. In fact, changing a few words can make the striking impact on your website content, which Google can identify. It’s all about context and relevance.

Fonts matter online

Font of every website matters a lot. The web home page should be engaging and luring, of course, the designing should be unique and of the preference of target audience. Font styles and sizes that are easy to read should be used. It will increase the user experience of the your website viewers and they can help you generate traffic and leads.

Website imagery paints a picture of your salon

A beauty salon website needs to be beautiful because it is a reflection of the real business, clients should connect style and beauty to every facet of your business. Upload pictures of your salon, showcase your ambiance, client stories, transformations, etc. this will give an idea to your viewers about the type and quality of the services offered. 

Online and last-minute salon booking

With regular hours from noon to midnight, the salon gives services to night-owl clients long after other salons have closed their doors for the day. The trendy spa offers their clients with 24/7 bookings & best of services.

Priceless website information

Service offering should be available on your website. Our salon website should be featured packed with apt information. You can develop a separate page where all the information about various services offered is mentioned. In this, further information can be provided stating the things that are done in that particular service.

Get found

Millions of people nowadays search online for local salons. You don't want to be buried all the way at the bottom and let your competitors get all the customers. Therefore, adopt multiple methods that can help you rank on the Google and makes it easier for the people to find you.

Open for business

Add Google Maps, so clients can see where your spa or salon is located, and a form for them to email you if they have any questions.

Salon offers on your website

List all your services and prices you offer in your salon business on this page. Try to offer at least 1-3 unique services that your competitors don't have. Even promote this on your other pages such as on your social media handles.

Website ‘Calls To Action’

So many salon websites talk about their creative talents, outstanding team, and stunning facilities. And then forget to tell the reader to take some action.

Whoops that’s not a great website experience

Ask around your friends to see if they know anyone who can build professional websites for a reasonable price & that too error free and attractive.

Best practice for beauty and hair salon websites

Make sure you choose a design that you like. There are thousands of nail, hair, spa, beauty, and salon templates out there on Google. Find one and purchase it.

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