How to Be On The Top of Google Maps For Free

How to Be On The Top of Google Maps For Free

13-04-2020 04:39 PM

How to be on the top of google maps for free

“Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with?

Salons work because of the quality alone, no marketing needed.

The brand name plays the game every time.

Google is the king, people can travel an extra mile if Google tells them you are best.

Constant offline marketing strategies can equally support including pamphlets, posters, hoarding, text messages, etc.

“If you agreed with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset. If you agreed with the second two, you’ve got a growth mindset.”

Being in the industry from 6 years now, I have observed the changes the marketing strategies have gone through, it all started from "at the salon strategies" including coupons, yearly memberships, festive packages, holding super sales and whatnot. But sadly the competition has increased and these ideas alone have come to the point of saturation, some extra SPARKLE is need of the hour.
Also a decade ago when the internet was not so popular nor were people so active on it, it was okay to just rely on in-house 'no investment needed' plans, but today there is a 360-degree turn. People, actually travel the extra mile if Google reflects your beauty salon's name when they search "Best Salon Near Me".
Deducting from the above facts, The extra sparkle is "Internet Marketing" Every salon wants to be on the top but it can be quite expensive and require a lot of investment in terms of money and time.
As a Diwali gift I have made a few FREE points that can help you top the list of Google map ranking, and just note that you do not need to spend a penny on it neither you need any knowledge of SEO tools, you can do it yourself.

Share Google Map Locations:

Whenever someone books an appointment with you, share them your exact location either on WhatsApp or through an SMS. Are you already doubting my Diwali Gifts Quality? Don't lose hope so soon, here the logic, according to Google algorithm, if people navigate to your location this means it is an actual successfully running business and people are loving it, keeping you in the good books of Google. Pushing your Google Map ranking above your competitors.

Client Feedback: Not friend and family feedback:

Ask your clients to give you real feedback as soon as they are done with taking the service, do not get scared with the fact that they might not give you a good rating or may write negative feedback. Getting feedbacks recorded on your Google business page means that people are visiting you, thus again proving yours to be an actual running business.
I exactly know what is running through that genius brain of yours, let's get all these reviews and 5 stars from our family and friends, Stop this mind-blowing idea right here!! No, don't even ask me why! Just understand that Google is much much smarter than both your and my brains combined, Google recognizes between fake and actual feedback from the location and IP address, so let's go with the authentic snail speed and rely only on real critique.

Let your art Speak:

Showcase your latest work while you are listing your salon, spa, nail art or hair studio on Google maps, it is important to understand the fact that the people performing these searches are buyers. According to Google, there has been a 500% growth over the last 2 years that contain variants such as "where to buy" and "to buy," and 76% of local mobile searches for something nearby result in a same-day in-store visit.

Thus when someone lands on your salon's Google listing they get to see the images of interiors, services, staff members and the artwork that you and your team have performed over time, so the best way to attract your client just in a glance can be with that beautiful bridal transformation from your last week's bridal makeup booking, or may the ombre hair color your head hairstylist made the other day. Whatever art it is make sure you showcase it. Upload its pictures on your website, Google listing, social media pages, etc.

Another add on to this feature can be your clients adding images while they are writing a review. Have you ever used Shein App for shopping apparel or accessories? Every time you click on an item, client review is displayed below. Along with the review, images of how they liked the fit, and how is the cloth quality is, how it appears on the top, giving you a virtual satisfaction that it is a quality product. Same applies here, people;e look at the images added by salon's clients and come to you already satisfied with your quality.

Up to Date Info:

Another genius way of using Google map for free to enhance your ranking for free can be with the help of constant updations on the listing, say I am one of your clients and you have updated the timing of your salon as 9 am to 10 pm and I plan my visit for a party hairdo according on reaching at 7 pm I am informed that the hairstylist leave at 6:30 pm and only the makeup and skin services staff is available. In this situation you have lost me as a client forever, not only I will obviously get late for the party that I had to attend but also go to one of your competitors.

Serving females for so long you must have learned one thing that you are not only losing one particular client but also losing all her friend circle that could have been your potential clients.

Thus it is mandatory to update all your information constantly on your Google page.

"Get Direction":

Put a "Get Direction" button added to your Google map listing, Instagram, Facebook, Branded Mobile Application, Website, why is it important? Google algorithm is set to analyze all your social media networks when deciding your local location-based ranking. Thus confirming yourself that you are on different social channels and the address is the same makes Google's work simple, and even Google likes to keep it simple.

If you have reached till here, then congratulations you will successfully be able to envy all your competitors which your local ranking and the hiked number of client enquires. Just so that you remember all these tools are free of cost and are not going to take more an 20 minutes of your time in a day.

So people, if this article has been an eye-opener, share it with your friends and let us know in the comments below. Or if you have some more suggestions, please share them below, we are all ears.

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