easy salon software tutorial

Easy Salon Software is the worlds leading technology that covers every single part of your salon management. When automation comes to your mind it is important to bring everything online, this not only creates transparency but also exhausts any chance of pilferage.

In this short write-up, let's learn how to start using our Easy Salon Software.

Add Pre-existing Data:

Services: If you have the list of services in an excel format we get everything added from the back end. Now when I say data it means the "name" of the service, "time" it will take, the "category it belongs to and the "price" for the same. You have the liberty to add it individually from the front end as well.

Service Providers: The name of your beauticians, hairdressers and manager/ admin staff needs to be added to the software along with a complete description of the salary they withdraw, the commission they are paid on each service given and produc sold. This helps you keep a tab on which service provider is giving you what amount of services.

Beauty Salon's Stock: Adding a list of products and its quantity is another important step before starting the usage of the software.

Kindly note that all three things are required to make a bill.

The next step is to understand that the software is built on 3 basic criteria, first when someone comes to you but does not buy anything that is an "Enquiry", then comes a pre-booking i.e when someone pays you in advance to book a future appointment that is a case of "Appointment" last is the most common case where client comes and says He wants to take the service right away i.e the case of "Service Slip". Kindly note you will have the option to be redirected to Billing from the history of all these three pages.

You are all set to make bills, manage inventory and payrolls.

We will be glad to have you as part of our family, see on the other side.

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