Mobile marketing

Today’s clients have an appetite for all worldly goods on their mobile phones and they demand to do business with you on their terms.

One of the smartest ways to invite new clients to your salon and retain your existing ones with you for more is by serving them up all the modern conveniences they crave.

Great service not only relates to mere fantastic consultation, but it starts when the client searches for you online and continues after they leave.

Here are our top mobile technologies to help you satisfy your tech-hungry clientele!

Online Booking

Convert screen traffic to sales by connecting them to the internet with online bookings of your salon’s products and services and provide them with the benefit to secure an invitation by 24/7. There’s nothing more delightful than instant pleasure!

Self Check-in

No reservations? No issue! Allow your clients to review them in online before they come to your salon.

Two-way SMS confirmation

Hack your no-shows in half by providing your client with a convenient way to approve their appointments of your salon in their own time.

Special offers

Whet your client’s greed for a hot deal of your salon with designed, high time offers sent to their mobile device.

Mobile App

Bring your mobile offering together and put your salon’s business in the stroke of your client’s hand with your own customised mobile app.

Engage your salon with shortcut point of mobile friendly easy salon software which will give clients instant access to new and special schemes and also enable them to book or check it from anywhere.

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